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New Water Boiler Installation and Repairing Services

What is Water Boiler Heating Systems

The boiler is a vessel that provides the heat that the facility needs to warm up. The Boiler installation is based on the classification known as high-pressure boiler system, low-pressure boiler system and steam boiler or the hot water boiler. Depending on the radiation system boiler can heat the water in a range of 145-190 degrees. The radiant heat exhibited by the boilers warms the objects in the room.

Install Right Boiler Heating System at Your Home

It is recommended to prefer using the boilers and set the thermostat at a lower temperature and make the room feel warmer and provide more balanced heat. These boilers are a sealed system and are as efficient as any gas forced-air furnace. Boilers can be a simple and complicated system to install with a complete analysis of your home and distribution system.




boiler heating systems water boiler heating sytems


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Benefits of Water Boiler Systems

Environment Friendly

Less Costly

Easy Installation

Energy Efficient



Why should you create an annual boiler service?

  • One of the risks involved in the heating system is leakage of fuel. By checking and cleaning the nozzles and the heat exchangers save your money by burning less fuel.
  • The overall load on the boiler can be reduced by the clean and efficient burn which in turn increases its lifetime.
  • There is a silent killer called Carbon monoxide. They are colorless, odorless, and lethal. These are formed when the boilers do not burn cleanly. Wherever you live in the UK, we render the service with our network of approved installers. This boiler service by city gas ensures whether your boiler is safe to use and will sustain your manufacturer’s warranty.

Warning signs that your boiler could need a proper service.

There are various inefficiencies with your boiler that can be identified through the following faults in the boilers.

  • There will be an indication of yellow flame, rather than blue flame.
  • The Pressure falls below the recommended setting of a 1-1.5 bar.
  • Needless to say, this pilot light keeps going off.
  • The Boiler refills or overheats more often.
  • Stains/smoke marks appear on or around the appliances

Hot water is not as hot as it should be or the flow of the boiler is comparatively low. A regular boiler service can make your boiler more efficient. In order to avoid the future costly repairs, it is better to have a regular interval of annual services of these boilers to make them perform efficiently without hazardous leaks.

Our well-trained professionals repair a wide range of boiler faults and complications and find out what is making your boiler stop working and restore them to optimum condition.

Why should you have your boiler checked?

Once in a while, it is recommended to check your boiler to avoid the following risks.

  • Cost of lost fuel
  • Cost of boiler replacement
  • Cost of the damage caused to the environment and surrounding properties.

Expertise in Boiler Services In UK

We carry out free estimates for new boilers and can Install boiler in UK, give us a call and we will arrange a time to come over. Also we approved installers By Various Brands which allows us to give extended warranty on parts and labor for all new boilers installed by us. Our prices our very competitive and our work is carried out to the highest standard.

Our team of experienced, gas safe engineers backed up with gas qualified managers make our company first choice for fitting your boiler. We are Worcester Bosch approved installers and can give a free 10 year warranty on new boilers fitted by us. In fact if you have a Worcester Bosch filter fitted we can extend your warranty to 10 years if you choose a CDi model. New boilers installed by us can come with the extended 10 year warranty as long as the customer commits to our 10 year service package and the boiler is fitted with an inline filter. If you are eligible for the Government

Green deal initiative, we are approved to carry any energy efficient improvements in your home too. Replacing your boiler can involve significant work and not only can we change your boiler at a very reasonable cost, we can deliver a very excellent service and quality of work.


Our priority is your satisfaction with our work and giving you peace of mind by registering all boilers with Gas safe and doing all our work under warranty. So do not hesitate to contact us for a free quote on a boiler replacement or free estimate on a boiler change. All boilers are fitted from combination boiler swaps, to an A rated condensing boilers, to conversions from conventional boilers to combination boilers. We carry out quality work by experienced Gas Safe engineers.


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Why You Choose CytiGas Heating LTD

Experts at City Gas Heating Ltd, provide a clear examination of what is to be done for the inefficiency of the boilers and always perform a clear statement on the service charge involved in order to avoid the clash on hidden fees. After the guaranteed service offered by our experts, the steam under pressure is then usable for transferring the heat to a process. We are expert in handling from poor circulation to leaking boilers at very minimum costs. Our service includes a warranty on how good your boiler works after the service. Our service offer includes:

  • Quality service procedures that ensure the safety of the users.
  • Competitive price is our most influential factor.
  • We offer free boiler installation estimate and enlighten you with the procedures involved.
  • There are no hidden costs, as our Gas safe engineers will perform informed decision.
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