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Gas Safety Certificate London is issued by our expert Gas Safe Registered Engineer from City Gas Heating limited to the landlords. We are highly experienced with a network of engineers who can service the appliances and the boilers and meet the safety regulations formulated.


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Landlord’s Consent

The key responsibility of the landlord is to ensure their property is safe for the tenants to live in. Throughout the entire time the property is occupied, the landlords have to ensure that the gas appliances including the installation of pipes and flues are easily maintained in a safe condition. The landlord should check the gas safety and get the certificate from the engineers and give a copy of it to the tenants.

When the landlord carries out an obligation it is an absolute offense subjected to a limited defense in the UK.

Gas Certificates or CP12

When you book your Gas safety inspection with City Gas Heating Ltd, our Homeserve engineers will visit your property and investigate on whether all the appliances are working efficiently. Then followed by issuing a report or the gas safety certificate based on the investigation and are provided with various details such as improvements that are recommended after proper analysis by the engineer.

These certificates are valid for one year and are expected to be renewed after every 12 months. It is highly recommended to have a gas safety certificate by all the residents in the UK where there are gas appliances.

Gas Safety Responsibilities

As a landlord it is your responsibility to know your responsibility for the safety of your tenants until they occupy. The gas safety regulation was formulated in the year 1998 and outlined the duties of the landlords in order to ensure gas appliances, fittings, pipes and flues that are provided for the tenants are safe.

There are three main gas safety responsibilities for the landlords over the tenants under UK law.

a) Maintenance

The implementation of the gas appliances, pipeworks and the flues are to be maintained in a safe condition. They are to be serviced in accordance with the frequency mentioned in the manufacturer’s instruction. Unless it is advised by the Gas Safety Engineer, annual servicing is more than what you can even ask for. If the gas appliance is owned by the tenant and is being used in the landlords place then it's not the responsibility of the landlord whereas the pipes and flues remain to be the responsibility of the landlord to maintain.

b) Gas Safety Checks

It is recommended to check the gas appliances once in 10-12 months before the previous year’s record expires. If the gas check is performed before 10 months and after 12 months effects in resetting the clock from the date of the latest safety checks.

c) Records

Within the 28 days of completion of the gas safety checks the landlords are responsible to provide the record or a gas safety certificate of CP12 issued by the gas safety engineer to the tenants. This record as states how and where the gas are to be turned off and what are the actions to be performed while there is a gas emergency. If you feel that you are highly benefited by the flexible timings of the safety checks, ensure to keep the safety check records for at least two consecutive years.

It is the responsibility of the landlord to take the safety of the tenants into an account. City Gas Heating Ltd provides highly qualified and Gas safety registered engineers as this is not only the law, but also because we value the safety through the gas and the appliance provided.

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